The revolutionary new product to cold hose horses' legs.

Never spend time holding a hosepipe again!

Safe and effective

Two leg model

   "Cold running water is still much the best way to cool horses' legs, as proved by numerous detailed studies.

   The CleverCooler does this very effectively.  All types of horses take to it quickly, and it is a wonderful time saver.

   Highly recommended!"

Bobby McEwen BVSc, MRCVS

FEI vet, Official vet at Badminton Horse Trials, Gatcombe Horse Trials, Olympia LIHS, and several racecourses including Ascot.

Four leg model


Cold running water is proven to be the best way to cool horses' legs, serving both to prevent and treat injuries.

But 20 minutes per leg is the minimum time recommended by vets!

The CleverCooler does the job for you!

* Saves hours

* Effective - constant controlled flow

* Cool two or four legs simultaneously

* Affordable

*  Totally safe - simply pulls off legs

*  Horses take to it quickly and easily

*  Saves water (less flow needed)

*  Approved by vets

Two and four leg versions available.

  The CleverCooler has coils with holes in them, which wrap round the horse's legs. 

  Should the horse pull away, they pull off easily and safely with no damage. 

  Your hosepipe attaches to the CleverCooler at the withers and water flows through pipes down to the coils. 

  There are flow regulators for each leg and an adjuster for adjusting the height of the coils on the legs.

"We are so delighted with our CleverCooler we have just got another one! 

All the horses go on it every day after working.

They take to it easily and it is great for both prevention and cure of injuries.  It saves hours of work in the yard, freeing up staff to do other jobs and so saving money."

Tina and Graham Fletcher

"Saves hours in the yard!  Horses get used to it very quickly and seem to love it.  Great for taking to events too."

Tom McEwen, currently ranked 19th in FEI World Eventing Rankings

"I use a CleverCooler regularly on all my horses,including the young ones, and have found it incredibly timesaving and very effective."

Sam Thomas, Gold Cup winning jockey and successful trainer

"My team highly recommend this fantastic product"

Jay Halim, International show jumper and eventer.

"A simple, safe and innovative way to cold hose after exercise or injury"

Scarlett Ward, international show jumper.

"I couldn't recommend this product enough.  Such a wonderful clever idea for everyday use or for one with an injury.  Our horses took to it so well, and you can happily leave them while its on and working its magic.  Super product."

Stacey Greenshield, international groom.

"Saves me hours.  Can't believe how I managed  before!"

Craig Pilgrim, point to point trainer.

"They are simple and so effective."

Ross Irving, young horse producer and show jumper.

Your time is worth a

.....and so is your horse!

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